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Great app! Extremely convenient to use and user friendly. I am going to recommend to my colleagues!


If you work crazy shifts are schedules. This is the app for you. Great support also

iOS software.

Please fix for the iOS update.

Needs Improvement

This app is long overdue for some improvements. More colors. Would be nice for starters. Also once a "day off" is programmed into your template, there is no way to make adjustments if your schedule is changed or a day off is cancelled. It has a lot of potential, but it falls short due to lazy or unmotivated programmers.

Great app.

This is a great app. Works great for my 12hr shifts and is what I use to keep track of everything. With the new iOS 7 update it did not work. When the company learned of the problem it was quickly fixed and now the world is right again. Great job.

The Best

Best scheduler app for LEOs. Developers are great and respond quickly to emails.

Cop app

Best app ever!!!!!!!!

Outstanding App

The creators of CopApp are very responsive to your concerns. I recommend this app to anyone in law enforcement or any job that has rotating days off. I really love this app. Great job!!!


Myself, my husband and our family LOVE this app. I could never keep up with my husbands rotations, until this app. I can make plans around his schedule without having to bother him at work (which he loves). The rotation days are customizable so you are sure to have a accurate schedule. If youve got a relation to a police officer, you NEED this app.


Works great. Customer service very responsive.

Must have for cops

Anyone with a crazy rotating schedule filled with different shifts and assignments, like those of us in the police field, will delight at the versatility of this simple app.

Awesome app

Probably the most useful app I have. I use it for work and off time. Would be nice to have a few more colors but this app is great as is. The 12 hours shift rotation template is great. I do wish it was integrated with the iPhone calendar though.

Great app, awesome customer service!

I bought this app and have a 12 hour rotating schedule between days and nights. I sent the support team an email on New Years Eve night asking for them to add my department and platoon rotation and they were quick and professional. It is 1018 hrs on New Years Day and I have my calendar set up. It would have been quicker but I went to sleep and did t respond to their first email till I woke up. Get this app it is worth the money to be able to look if you are off on a drop of a hat! Bravo for the customer service!!


Awesome app,customer service even better must have app

No Good

I bought this app hoping it would work with the agency I work for and as I look through it half info is incorrect according to department guidelines .. When I wrote the app creature I got smart remark as if I wrote those guidelines..

Very limited app

This app seemed promising but fell just as short as the others Ive tried. Will not account for evening to morning 12 hr. shift. No shift title to remind you which one youre working with and no reset to erase and start new. Very clumsy to edit.

Two thumbs up, simple and easy app! Fast response from customer service when requested a Department Template. Great app to have esp for the spouse so she can remember my schedule.

App is great!!!

Had a little trouble in the beginning, but support was fast and good. They were also able to input my schedule. Great calendar!!!


great App for anybody in lawenforcement. Or anyone related to a police or firemen. Best part, If you cant find your shift they will make your shift. its great having your or your spouses shift calender on hand For making plans.

Works well.

Works well for Nypd chart. I would like the option to see an overview of the entire year.. But it is nice and simple. You can highlight your rdos and vacation easily.

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