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Very basic but also very good

This app is fairly limited, but it does exactly what they say it does. You can easily build a schedule layout for your type of shift work and keep track of it. Its the only app that I know of that will let you do this. Its also very easy to use! Id like to see more compatibility with other apps and devices in the future. Maybe something to allow your schedule to be transferred to the IOS calendar, or to allow the apps calendar to be read by amazon echo. Either way, if you work public service and have any type of rotating shift schedule, this app is perfect for building a long term outline of your work schedule!

Amazing App

Hands down an indispensable app for police officers. I set up my schedule on this app and now I can look ahead months at a time to find out if I need to submit for a day off or if I have off already. More importantly I use this app to keep track of any overtime I do to keep track of the hours. The color labeling of dates are very functional as well. Great app all around and 5 easy stars.

Great App

When I bought this app I didnt know how to set up so I went to the contact support and they were wonderful! They replied quickly, created a template for me, and gave me step by step instructions.

Good App needs a couple upgrades

A few upgrades are required such as: 1. Schedules change - such as working afternoon shift but I have to make a note instead of being able to change the pre-programmed schedule; 2. More colours are required to highlight important days; 3. Other police related days are missing - training, course, provincial court, federal court, sick time, vacation, etc.

Great simple

Easy to use and setup reoccurring schedule. Notes are quick to add. Colours allow you to quickly Identify night shift, day shift and vacation. Not five stars because it does not offer email or text backup like others.

Best app for NYPD scooter chart

IPhone version is finally here! Easy to use and intuitive. Now I can easily figure out my RDOs and keep track of my court tours on a real calendar that I can edit. Color coded, neat clean layout. Keep up the good work!

Great App!

Very good. Very useful. Youll need your PBA booklet to manually put the first 15 days which squads are in then it figures your RDOs indefinitely after that, for squads 1-3. Opens quickly, easy viewing. Just needs yearly calendar view with RDOs highlighted.

Best calendar for police!!!

I work a very odd schedule in Washington and couldnt fin a calendar app that would work until cop app. I didnt see a schedule in the templates and asked the developer if he could make one for me. He responded promptly and when given a layout of my schedule, he had it done overnight. I cant say enough about the developers and customer service Ive received, so thank you!


Thank you for making this app! The developer is totally helpful and quickly responds to any questions. I am glad to have my schedule at my fingertips on my iPhone now!


At first this seems to work for emergency professionals only.. BUT I emailed support and they had a template for my schedule over night! I work a different kind of swing called southern swing,it is #55 thanks to support!! And u can color code which makes it so easy.. THANKS!! (5 stars)

Very Convenient

This calendar has made checking days on/off as well as scheduled court dates extremely fast and easy. Very simple, but effective interface. The only thing that would make this app better is if it had audible alerts for events like the iPhones standard calendar app has. Add that option and it will be perfect and eliminate the need to use both.


Hands down the best LEO scheduler Ive come across - Tracking days on/off, color assignments, add notes to each day, track overtime, vacation - no more hassles with datebooks and calendars Dont see your schedule listed ? Email them and itll be Created. Everyone that has an IPhone on my squad uses this App plus their girlfriends/wives download it also so they are on the same page - Well worth the small purchase price!

Great app!

Totally customizable! Super tech support!

Police Officer

The preloaded templates did not fit my work schedule but I emailed the tech support with my work schedule and within only a few hours I received a reply advising me that a new template had been created. The new template fit my schedule perfectly. Recommend this app for those working shift work.

No more counting through a calander to see if Im off!

Has alot of scheduling templates available. Found my work schedule of D D O O D D D O O D D O O O; N N O O N N N O O N N. Very convenient to have and easy to use.


I bought this app for my iPhone 4s to use for my police scheduling. There wasnt a template for my 5 on 3 off rotation. I emailed there tech support and within 2 minutes I had there reply. They created my rotation and I was able to add it to this calendar just by clicking the button. Very simple to use and more than worth it. Once you download it you will tell your work buddies. Be safe! GBPD

Great scheduling app

I have a crazy rotating schedule (5/2,5/1,5/2) and with this app I was able to set it up in less than 5 minutes. No more wandering if Im working while setting up appointments. Thank you!

What could have been...

If only the customer service were better. Not because they dont try to help. They do. However, being snide and rude to a customer who paid $3 for an app is NOT a very good business tactic. Of course, I dont have a business degree, so what do I know. Im sure this is a great tool for people in law enforcement or healthcare who have crazy schedules. Seems to me, though, I shouldnt have to worry about figuring out how to take a picture of my schedule, after paying $3, so the program can accommodate me. Maybe if I were able to customize it myself... If you buy it, just make sure your schedule format is already made. Or be prepared to take a picture.

Great App, suggest cool additions

Awesome App, use the heck out of it for the last year.. Would like too see some additions, even if the apps writer wanted to charge $2 to $5 bucks more for the update, call it COP APP PLUS. 1. Reminder Alarms for Events. 2. A way to add in Vacation Hours used, Flex time hours used or Comp time hours used, FMLA hours used, Sick hours used and total them up for the month, week or bi-weekly.. Lets not forget OT hours worked. 3. Wish there was a way to read a event title on the calendar month without opening the day to see the event scheduled. Thanks..

Stellar app and customer support!

After seeing the reviews and the price I decided to give it a whirl. I didnt realize my schedule template wasnt a fixed pattern. Not finding a template to suit my needs I mailed support who prompted mailed me back, on a Sunday morning. After explaining he told me he wasnt sure how to go about it and would give it his best. He worked with me always staying in contact with me for 4 days till he got it right for me. Above and beyond in my opinion, I didnt think it got any better and then I asked about syncing to google calendar. His reply was it wouldnt be too soon but from what Ive seen I think hes being modest. Thank you for bring IMHO the best out there.

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